Caring For A Tibetan Singing Bowl

By Diet Secret | October 31, 2015

Lots of people use and caring for a Tibetan singing bowls for meditation, singing bowl healing, spiritual and musical practices. You might have become skilled in the skill of playing it, but have you thought about that understanding how to look after your bowl is every bit important?
Here are simple steps to make certain that the Tibetan singing bowl will retain its beauty and cost for life.
1. For any simple cleaning, you just need a gentle cleaning soap and tepid to warm water. Put warm soap and water in to the bowl, wipe having a soft cloth and rinse. Wipe the bowl totally dry after rinsing, to make sure that any residual moisture doesn’t damage the metal. For any more heavy-duty job, you should use an orange oil based cleaner. Weekly cleaning could keep it in optimal condition.

yoga-withtibetan--singing-bowl2. To support the beauty and shine, you might polish your bowl having a soft cloth and then any commercial metal polish you can use on bronze or brass. Make sure to test the chosen polish on the small area to make sure that it does not damage the patina. Regular sprucing up could keep your bowl from discoloration and can maintain a beautiful sheen.
3. For storage, keep the bowls within an area which has a moderately warm temperature. Warmer temps boost the versatility of metals, which makes it simpler to experience. Don’t expose your bowl to extreme temps for longer amounts of time.
4. Try not to drop your bowl or hit it with every other metal objects. This might scratch, or perhaps worse – crack it, permanently destroying the seem and sweetness. Follow these simple tips about how to take care of your Tibetan singing bowl for healing and it’ll surely stay beautiful and helpful for life.