Chicken Recipes

Chicken may be the quickest and more healthy method of getting to dinner or lunch up for grabs and recipe may be the group of procedure or instruction which informs the technique to organize something. Chicken recipe includes chicken as well as other component mixed together to really make it nicer and include as one… Read More »

Filipino Traditional Recipe During Special Occasion

Lechon baboy (litson) or whole roasting pig is consider as Filipino traditional recipe, it is almost always feature typical Filipino picture on rural areas roasted whole pig stick on bamboo pole. Any Filipino occasion can’t be consider as extravagant without Lechon baboy offered within the table. Because lechon was been part of Filipino culture you… Read More »

Chicken Feet A Palatable Filipino Appetizer Recipe

Before, two decades ago Chicken intestine, mind and neck, and chicken ft is simply tossed or simply make use of a feed for swine animal. Presently all things have transformed due to financial difficulty, apart from feather, beak, and cocks comb things are eaten within the Philippines. Chicken intestine is generally prepared as Crispy Chicharon… Read More »