Morcon- A Filipino Traditional Recipe During Christmas

By Diet Secret | April 1, 2016

People from the Philippines consider Christmas as the most crucial religious festivities which is probably the most wondrous periods, everyone awaits these with this season throughout the year. Philippines are recognized for getting a long Christmas celebration on the planet as Filipino remembers Christmas for nearly three days. It’s the moment that friend and relatives meet and celebrate with one another, swapping gifts, kids visit their Godparents for aginaldo (gift). Special day is generally celebrated with special, For Filipino Christmas is incomplete without Quezo p bola and Pork, chocolate drink within the table. Apart from individuals food, Filipino also prepare Morcon because the primary dish, it’s a beef stuff roll recipe. Morcon is also called Lutong Pasko Christmas Food Recipe because it is always incorporated within our listing of recipe throughout Christmas celebration. Morcon initially is really a special The Morcon recipe, it is among their influences throughout their 300 many years of occupation within our country together with Christianity along with other influences. You can always try to taste our personal tasty beef stew recipe referred to as Morcon by using instruction ; Morcon is a Filipino traditional recipe during Christmas.

beef morcon recipeComponent for Morcon: 2 kg of beef sirloin, cut very finely and broadly 2-3 tablespoons of calamansi juice Soy sauce kg Pork 1 cup grated cheese cup of prunes Pickles cup of Sausage Sausage, reduce strips cup corn starch Flour 1 carrot, reduce strips 1 pack tomato sauce teaspoon peppercorn 1 pc Beef bouillon Hardboiled egg Morcon Recipe Technique of Cooking: Clean sliced beef completely, place in strainer and drain excess water. Inside a bowl, marinate slice beef with a combination of calamansi and soy sauce for five-10 hrs. Lay flat beef slice on the platter, lay in a bit of pork, sausage, celery, sausage sausage, pickle, prunes, grated cheese evenly. Roll beef and make certain the mixture stays inside, secure filling by tying using thread.

Roll beef roll from corn starch, fry until it becomes golden brown, put aside. After baking beef comes, provide boil meat with 1 liter water, beef bouillon, cup of soy sauce, ground peppercorn, and vetsin using pressure. When beef tenderize add cup of tomato sauce, bay leaf and simmer for five minute. Remove meat roll into pressure oven to awesome, add Reno liver spread in the sauce to thicken as well as for extra flavor. Preparation for Morcon: Sliced beef and put some in clean large platter, pour thickened sauce at the very top. This awesome recipe is ideal with steam whitened grain or like a sandwich filling. Offered even though it is hot, enjoy and share this cooking health food.