Simple Lemon Cordial Recipe

By Diet Secret | May 3, 2016

Lemon cordial is really a lovely refreshing summer time-time soda. It is possible to prepare and needs no artificial chemical preservatives as long as you sterilise the finished cordial in the bottles. You should use up lemon when they’re plentiful and supply yourself and family having a healthy drink all year long around. Here’s steps to make simple lemon cordial. Elements Lemon Sugar Method Juice as numerous lemon as possible (or dare) Place the juice right into a calculating jug to find out just how much sugar to make use of For each litre of juice you’ll need 1.2 kilos of sugar Place the juice and sugar right into a large pan and warmth very lightly Stirring constantly warmth up until the sugar is totally dissolved The cordial has become available – simply add water and ice. Add just as much or little water as you desire. If you’d like to preserve the cordial for future use you are able to by using the steps below: Canning the Cordial Choose bottles or jars with screw top covers. Bottles look more attractive but small jars might be simpler to call Clean the bottles (or jars) and immerse in boiling water for fifteen minutes Drain the bottles and fill with warm cordial (leave 1/2″ space at the very top for expansion) Screw the caps on tightly then undo by half a use permit expansion Convey a flannel inside a large pan and put the bottles within the pan (packing with towels to help keep the bottles from knocking one another if required) Fill the pan with tepid to warm water that pops up a minimum of 3/4 of how in the bottles Gradually warmth the pan up until the water is boiling Boil for half an hour Take away the bottles and ruin the caps tightly Store somewhere awesome, dry and dark for all year round lemon cordial (once opened up store within the refrigerator) It’s very easy and is a terrific way to consume surplus citrus fruits.